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Code of Ethics of “hibrid.info”


Article 1

The Code of Ethics aims to determine the principles, values, and ethical standards of the online platform “hibrid.info” and its personnel engaged on the platform.

Article 2

Provisions of this Code apply to all personnel of “hibrid.info”, such as full-time employers, part-time employers, and external associate personnel of the platform.

Article 3

3.1 Transparency, accountability, and integrity shall be principles of the

3.2 The platform “hibrid.info” shall be open, honest, and liable about its personnel and other interested

3.3 The platform shall pay particular attention to the public interest of the citizens of Kosovo and other Western Balkan countries in preventing and countering information disorder disseminated by various channels;

3.4 The platform shall not mishandle its assets nor its organizational personnel compromise integrity-related issues.

Article 4

4.1 Personnel of the platform shall not be involved or engaged in political entities/parties and business

4.2 It shall be impartial, independent, democratic, and non-affiliated with political activities.

4.3 The platform shall be funded solely by Western domestic and foreign donors who do not meddle objectivity, impartiality, and editorial independence of “hibrid.info” to work freely and unconstrained.

Article 5

5.1 The platform shall provide free-of-charge access to the general public its product regardless of age, gender, nationality, religion, and political background.

5.2 The platform shall conduct fact-checking publications on the ground of professional, objective, and non-partisanship standards while taking into account high values and ethics of

Article 6

6.1 Internal democracy and flexibility within the platform’s personnel shall be constantly maintained and promoted in line with the principles of good governance to which the platform shall be upheld.

6.2 Relevant policies, procedures, and systems shall be operationally established and developed by the

6.3 Legal framework of the Republic of Kosovo – Constitution, laws, and by-laws – shall be abided by the platform on its operational daily works as well as with the public and

6.4 Administration and financial management-related issues of the platform shall be conducted solely by written contracts/agreements.

6.5 Financial and accounting management systems of the platform shall be regulated and maintained according to best

6.6 The platform shall provide constant internal training and capacity-building programs for the personnel to enhance as well as upgrade the professional capacities of the

Article 7

7.1 The platform shall maintain a policy of anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, and mutual respect and cooperation among the personnel.

7.2 The platform shall encourage gender-balanced representation and diversification among the

7.3 Teamwork and exchange of ideas and/or experiences within the platform’s personnel shall be

Article 8

8.1 The Code of Ethics of the platform “hibrid.info” was entered into force on 1 January 2021.

8.2 The Code complies with the Law 06/L-043 on Freedom of Association in Non-Governmental Organizations.

8.3 In line with Article 2, all personnel of the platform shall be obliged to respect and implement this Code of Ethics in the framework of the platform.